UltraSound Body Slimming Machine

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3 In 1 Ultrasound Cavitations' Body Slimming Massager           

  • Anti-Cellulite
  • Lipo Fat Burner
  • Weight Loss Slimming Machine


 1. Three Technologies: EMS + Infrared + Ultrasonic, help burning fat on the different body parts.

2. 5 Modes of EMS (Tapping, Massage, Knead, Scrapping, Slimming).

3.5 working intensity, meeting your various requirements.

4. Burn the fat and tighten your skin with no rebounce.

5. Restore the elasticity and activate the cells more thoroughly.

6. Regulate internal secretion and accelerate consuming of fat, realize the dreams of body slimming.

7. It's not only applicable to face shaping but also on body slimming.


 Item Type: Body Slimming

Color: White

Material: ABS



Output:15V 800mA

Frequency Of Sonic:1MHz



 1 * Body Slimming Machine

2 * EMS Pads

1 * Electrode Cord

1 * Adapter

1 * Manual

1 * Box